GreenHill Residence

About the Company

My House is an investment company that is conducting the construction of the multifunctional complex GreenHill Residence on 5 University Street in the Saburtalo district of Tbilisi. The 33 500 m2 plot will include residential, commercial and recreational zones that satisfy modern standards. From an architectural point of view, GreenHill Residence is still unique in Georgia. Its construction is based on a highly creative approach, as well as on principles of city development. Architectural, constructional and engineering communications have been designed by the local company URBANICA. Project management and supervision is provided by the international firm LCONS, which has considerable experience in planning and implementing similar projects. The monolithic part of the building has been constructed by the local building company MBG Group. HEIDELBERGCEMENT is an exclusive partner of the project.

Project Information

The multifunctional residential complex GreenHill Residence will be located in an ecologically clean and cosy environment on 5 University Street in the Saburtalo district of Tbilisi. GreenHill Residence stands out not only through its architecture, but also through the quality of construction and creative approach. GreenHill Residence takes into account customers’ wishes, and aims to create the most comfortable living environment possible. The complex includes properties of various types, giving buyers the opportunity to make a purchase within their budget.

Construction Materials

The frame of the main building of GreenHill Residence is made of reinforced concrete. It has a monolithic reinforced concrete slab base and a combined pile raft foundation that goes 10m beyond the recommended depth, and includes compacted layers of sand and gravel. The official supplier of the concrete mixture is HEIDELBERGCEMENT.

The outer walls of the façade consist of 30 cm thick, energy-efficient, nine-cell pumice block with thermal acoustic insulation. For the inner partition walls, we have allocated 10 cm thick, four-cell concrete block with acoustic insulation.

Flats are finished with Saray aluminium composite panels. Each entrance hall includes one passenger and one freight elevator by the German manufacturer Kleemann Lifts.


The multifunctional residential complex GreenHill Residence is situated in an ecologically clean and quiet location on 5 University Street in the Saburtalo district of Tbilisi. It is served by a two-way road junction, while the Saburtalo-Bagebi cableway is located 50 meters from the complex. Various educational facilities are located in the vicinity of GreenHill Residence, including the ‘High-Rise’ building of the Tbilisi State University. The metro station University is situated 500 m away. The territory of the complex itself includes a branded supermarket, a fitness centre, as well as other commercial facilities and amenities.

Green Space

GreenHill Residence devotes a lot of attention to creating green space and improving the ecological environment in the city. Out of 33 500 m2 of the land plot, approximately 10 000 m2 will be allocated for the recreational zone that will include a children’s playground and sports fields, as well as walking and cycling paths. Hand-picked perennial trees will be planted in the area, which will also include recreational gardens with an original landscape design.


GreenHill Residence cares about the security of its tenants. The whole territory of the complex will be fenced off. 24 hour security and CCTV will be in place. Entrance hallways will be equipped with an intercom and electronically operated doors. GreenHill Residence will also be equipped with fire alarms and staircases that have been designed in accordance with all safety standards. Fireproof metal emergency exit doors will be situated on every floor of the building.


GreenHill Residence provides both street level and underground parking facilities that ensures secure and comfortable parking for residents and guests alike.


A maintenance service will be established once the complex becomes operational, ensuring that the complex functions smoothly. Services will include:

Security service

CCTV operation

Site cleaning

Looking after the plants

Entrance hallway cleaning

Operating the elevators

Operating the entrance hallway and street lighting

Operating the remote-controlled entrance barriers

Operating the underground parking garage


Terms of Handover:

GreenHill Residence offers potential buyers a basic package that allows them to receive their properties with only interior work to be done on them.


Green Shell 

Properties will be handed over to the buyers in ‘green carcass’ condition, which includes the following:

Sand-cement floor screed

Inner partition walls made from acoustical insulation blocks

Wall plastering

Terraces and balconies tiled with high-quality material

Room for central heating and air conditioning block

Electrical wiring in the flat

Central heating and hot water pipe installation

Aluminium doors and windows

Main entrance door made of European metal and equipped with a branded lock


Entrance Hall

- Entrance hall decorated with natural stone

- Electronically operated entrance door with intercom

- Individual communications rooms on each floor

- Stone-clad stairs with metal handrails

- Individual automatic water pumps for each entrance hall.

- Energy-efficient LED lighting



- Fireproof metal emergency exit doors on every floor of the building.

 - Staircase designed in full compliance with NFPA fire safety standards.



-  Two branded elevators (800 kg and 1050 kg capacity, respectively) will be installed in the entrance hallway.



- Underground parking with paving, lighting, CCTV and barriers. 

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