Tbilisi Gardens

We are certain when everyday problems get out of your way, life becomes more exciting and enjoyable.

Tbilisi Gardens skyscraper (30 floors) is located in the middle of 21’000 m² of green area developed by Italian landscape designers.
Residents will have comfort to use  Inner pools, fully equipped gym, Hall for events with the terrace. Tiniest Tbilisi Garden residents will be greeted warmly with a colorful environment and caring teachers. The whole area is under security for 24 hours. Spacious lobby is an ideal meeting point with a dedicated concierge service.
4 high speed Mitsubishi lifts to ensure smooth transportation between residential and parking levels.
MYS Architects from Israel designed Tbilisi Gardens project. We planned each tiny detail of the enormous skyscraper with them to seamlessly fit the structure in the existing landscape. Soundproof insulation between the floors and and 4 gypsum layers between the rooms keep even the tiniest sounds in check.
Energy efficient walls reduce condensation in the building.
The building fully complies with Eurocode 8 seismic requirements.
And finally, Interior design plays a vital role in creating a cosy place to live, that’s why we gave this mission to the best in business. A world-renowned interior designer, Vicente Wolf has been named one of the ten most influential designers in the United States by House Beautiful.

Take a look at Tbilisi Gardens model apartments, and learn more about the entire project.

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