The project  is 12-storey, parking area is located on -1, 0 floor. One floor is designed for office and commercial premises. The project consists of two blocks. The first block is being constructed at this stage.

Advantages of the project:

  • Views overlooking Old Tbilisi (historic center of the city)
  • Greened roof + terrace yard
  • Effective design of apartments  
  • Refined facade
  • Ecologically clean environment
  • Energy effective insulated block is used in construction which implies significant saving of utility expenses
  • Flexible payment conditions  


  • Security service
  • Concierge
  • Cleaning service
Development Company

Terrace Group entered the market with an absolutely innovative outlook, which includes not only quality construction and designing but also its active engagement in preservation and development of healthy residential environment. Our goal is to make the combination of quality and comfort available where all people will be able to live in a healthy environment.

The company has developed a concept according to which all its existing and planned constructions, the full space of the upper floor will be allocated for additional greening zone. This is a well approved and introduced green architecture trend in Europe which allows us to create additional infrastructure. The green roof with diverse plants and combination of greening in architecture are related with many benefits for the residents.