AXIS Development Company was established in 1998. Facing numerous challenges in regard to the development of the country, AXIS was one of the first companies, which took up the challenge, became a pioneer in its sphere and an initiator of various lines of development.

AXIS has set up a totally new approach towards modern architecture management and services, due to which Axis is always associated with innovation and priority.

AXIS introduced a concept “development” into Georgia, started the first “Palace” series with unique service and construction of the first twin skyscrapers “AXIS Towers”. 

AXIS  projects are distinguished by their large scale, diversity, innovative approaches, modern architecture and, what is most important – quality. A success of the company is due to the high quality material, as well as its team, which takes part in creating the product at various stages.

AXIS aims at the development of the environment, which will improve quality of our life. We try to create the product, which will introduce totally new standards and requirements of the lifestyle into Georgia.