BINADARI is a development company with the Building Construction industry, and has been in developing since 2014 year. From the time of our establishment, we have consistently been in agreement on the platform for our brand: QUALITY. We view quality as the most significant and distinctive emblem for enticing future customers. Moreover, determinative factors of our corporate and marketing image are: location, product reliability, competitive price and fixed time. Working with the aforementioned factors, we have completed three important projects: “Binadari Nutsubidze” (Shalva Nutsubidze street N129), “Binadari Tsagareli” (Archil Tsagareli street N3) and “Binadari Dadiani” (Tsotne Dadiani street N63). Our main purpose is to offer the benefits of our service to our potential consumers - that is to say, a high quality service with a tenable price and, most importantly, fixed time.

The company is currently working diligently in order to seek fresh, wider-scale project ideas. Our main task is to choose the proper location for construction, and one which is both in-demand and comfortable for our future consumers.

At BINADARI, we pay particularly close attention to the work we undertake, taking into account our consumers’ specifications and demands. At present, the company boasts 150+ satisfied, loyal consumers. We are confident that this figure will increase considerably.