Private corporation “Hualing Group” was founded in 1988 in China, Urumqi.

Corporation’s main activities include: shopping centers’ and wholesale stores’ construction; rental and management; foreign trade; hotels’ network construction and management; project development; natural resources, energy and the development of animal husbandry projects and charities.

Hualing Group started investment in Georgia in 2007 and until now has realized following 8 projects:

  • Hualing Tbilisi Sea New City
  • Hualing Tbilisi Sea Plaza
  • Hualing Tbilisi Sea Residence
  • Kutaisi Hualing Free Industrial Zone
  • Hualing Hotels & Preference Tbilisi
  • Hualing Fund Hotel
  • Hualing Hotel In Kutaisi
  • Hualing Wood Development

Company investment capital reaches 500 million US Dollars and the total number of employees is more than 3,000 people.