The team of lawyers with solid 13-year uninterrupted professional experience in lobbing, corporate governance, educational management, business transactions and litigation; Team of KMG highly values professional standards, ethical norms and impartiality by recognizing attorney-client privilege, confidentiality and other professional responsibility to their clients, the courts and the public.

Full coverage of legal services by prioritizing of attorney-client privilege as top value with integrated legal and business solutions to their clients, counting complex cross-border and domestic transactions with business tax advisory, pre-trial negotiation and strategic litigation; KMG Law Firm actively supports placement of domestic and foreign direct investments on Caucasus market by launching challenging projects.

Additionally KMG Law Firm offers unique legal expertise in online contracting, electronic commerce, marketing and PR campaigns legal support, intellectual property and patent law, competition and cybercrime law.

Ketevan Jeladze | Co-Managing Partner

Maia Meskhi | Co-Managing Partner

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