The real estate development company Simetria is a member of the investment company Capitol Holding Group. As the result of attracting Kazakh Private Investments, the Holding Group, from 2006-2013, united several companies and is currently implementing projects ranging across the development, construction, agriculture, and the trade and production sectors.

The goal of the real estate development company Simetria is to develop and maintain a leading position within Georgia’s development market.

To achieve this goal, the company ensures the smooth implementation and timely completion of ongoing projects. The reputation of Simetria, as a reliable and trustworthy business, is the basis for stable progress, continual development and a guaranteed outcome.

The strategic direction of Simetria  is that of planning and correctly bringing the project to fruition in order to prepare an appropriate concept for the selected area and to arrange the necessary infrastructure. Simetria accurately and efficiently addresses the customer’s desired space and tailors it to their lifestyle.

Simetria’s objective is to offer high-quality, modern real estate at the highest standards, to build a viable living environment for tenants and to ensure the most comfortable living conditions possible.