Treepex creates innovative and revolutionary shopping habits and significantly influences purchasing decisions. Treepex is future-oriented as it targets the new and increasing generation of consumers that base their purchasing decision on considerations of sustainability..

Let's Make the World a Bit Greener

All purchased items displaying a Treepex Logo feature a unique QR code. When scanning the QR code with the Treepex App, it is added to the internal Treepex system and a tree will be planted and cared for in the name of the buyer. Immediately after planting, the buyer is notified via a push notification and through an email including a picture of the individual tree and its GPS coordinates. The planted tree, the name of the buyer and the product partner company appear on the Treepex map. Now, fine you name just here 

A great mix of talent, skill & passion for technology, marketing and environment protection. We enjoy working with creative ideas and solving social problems.