Property Council

Responsible Property Investment Council of Georgia (RPICG)

Property Council

The Responsible Property Investment Council of Georgia embraces responsible investors, real estate developers, brokerage and other real estate companies who recognize environmental and social responsibility impact in line with enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing returns.

RPICG strategy includes raising awareness in regards to: best practices for attracting investors, cutting edge technology and sustainable development /construction practices, protection of the natural environment and improvement in the lives of people, all of which is essential for creating economic returns.  

In addition, as the, first and only platform to embrace leading real-estate players in Georgia, RPICG aims to serve as an independent mediator among private sector, IFO's & government and be part of decision-making processes.

Information about company membership

Why to Join RPICG?

  • Raise awareness and promote the social , environmental and financial benefits of sustainable property development & investment   marketplace
  • Play an active role in introducing up-to-date standards in the sector
  • Participate in educational trainings/workshops and other events 
  • Advocate on behalf of all members of the Council.
  • Benefit from leads generated by Property Georgia hub via existing digital and local/international network.
  • Get updates regarding main real-estate local/international events and participate
  • Showcase properties for property investor groups attracted by Property Travel. 
  • Showcase company and projects on