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#propertymedia #greenebuildings What is the Meaning of a Green Home? Eco-Friendly Design Trends in 2021

Author: Ani Kakuria

When Vogue asked several top interior designers about the 2021 trends, one word featured prominently in their replies - comfort.

“Comfort, practicality, and making your home your sanctuary – that is what we need today,” states Martyn Lawrence Bullard. “Comfort in all forms is becoming more paramount. It is now more than a concept,” adds Timothy Corrigan. Sheila Bridges agrees, predicting that comfort and eco-friendly approaches will be the main design principles in 2021.

What exactly does comfort look like?

Imagine soft (but less mass-produced) furniture, chestnut wood, bright colours, shelves full of books and decorations – refurbished or produced by local workshops, rather than industry giants. One of this year’s trends is to use what already exists.

The purpose of an eco-friendly green design is to make proper use of resources and minimise the impact on the environment – a process that starts by choosing the right location.


A house with a green design must be situated in a place where it will least affect the environment. This means maximising the use of the existing infrastructure – if communications are already in place on a building site, then it is not necessary to affect the environment by installing new networks – and there it is, the first step towards a green home.

Small Houses

Architects and interior designers agree that smaller houses are now more attractive. Optimising the planning process and the living space is crucial, as most energy resources are lost while heating or cooling the house, and this happens substantially more in larger homes. Moreover, construction of smaller houses reduces the use of building materials and the length of the construction process.

Natural Light and Heat

Bright and sunny homes have always been popular, but now that we are actively talking about green designs, it is even more important to determine the direction of the home.

Designers recommend letting in as much light as possible, and not only for the interior. Winter can affect our electricity use. Therefore, by choosing the right location for our home, we can heat it with sunlight and save energy.

However, let us not forget the summer. If we plant trees on the south side of the house, we can be calm in the knowledge that the house will have a shade on a hot day and that cooling energy will be saved.


The single most negative influence on the construction process comes in the form of the building materials that we choose for the project. Therefore, choosing processed materials over new ones can be viewed as one of the main preconditions for green construction.

Green Interior

During the pandemic, we started spending more time in our homes, which has naturally affected the design trends. For example, while most people tended to only sleep and shower at home, they focussed on the technical aspects of interior design. Now we care not only about the quality of our showers and water filters, but also the towels and glasses from which we drink our water.

Designers say that this year, the focus will be on large and comfortable furniture – soft armchairs with fluffy pillows.

Minimalism is popular once again, but we ought to be careful. As we spend more time at home, we must choose our items in a way that prevents emptiness from suffocating us. Therefore, designers recommend filling our home with plants, turning non-functional rooms into functional ones, and renewing items such as rugs, vases and lampshades, i.e. less vintage and more D.I.Y.

As for the colours, to keep us smiling through these difficult times, we turn to bright hues such as yellow, sky blue / turquoise and green. The use of lamps is also growing in popularity. Aside from creating a bright and comfortable environment, designers recommend we think about the scent in our rooms. They offer us orange, vanilla and cinnamon aromas for greater comfort.

These are the principles based on which we build the green home that cares about its inhabitants and the environment, and is becoming increasingly popular in construction and architecture.


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