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Special payment terms from project “Moedani”

Multifunctional complex Moedani offers buyers Special payment terms. Special offers apply when customers make a downpayment of 20% of the apartment price, with the remaining 80% to be paid upon completion and delivery of the apartment. At the same time, buyers can obtain a mortgage from the project partner TBC Bank, providing the same apartment as a security.

Moedani - A place to live, work, enjoy

The Moedani project has a unique architecture. The multifunctional complex will stretch over a 1.4 hectare area, combining residential apartments, a hotel, as well as commercial and shared working spaces. There will be 4 residential buildings and 1 hotel, where restaurants, bars and cafes will occupy the ground floor. Most importantly, the complex will have a 5200 m2 public space for socialising.

The complex will provide modern safety standards. It will be equipped with smart locks, as well as latest fire safety and CCTV systems. Residents and guests will benefit from a comfortable environment, diverse spaces and various amenities. Based on the above, Moedani will also be a smart investment that will yield long-term commercial profit.

Construction of Moedani will be finished in the summer of 2022. Completion of the amenities will take up another 6 months.


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