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TbiliSee Hotel – A Place Where a Hearty Welcome Awaits

Author: Elene Ghvinjilia 

I would like to tell you about the wonderful new hotel that was completed in February 2021. We discovered it recently during a meeting organised by Property Georgia and FIABCI Georgia. Organising a meeting is one thing, but choosing the right place for an event is something different. As we were going through the fuss of that process, we discovered the amazing TbiliSee Hotel. As the name suggests, its main inspiration is our city.

In the new reality created by the pandemic, we all long to socialise, hold meetings and interact with people face-to-face. This hotel is precisely the sort of place that lets you forget your everyday problems, detach yourself from reality and transport you to a different world – a warm, positive, comfortable and welcoming environment.

In a country with a rich culture, the four-star TbiliSee Hotel is the best choice for tourists, businessmen and all other visitors who expect comfort from the moment they enter their hotel. That was the case with our guests: although they visited all the main sights in Tbilisi, the hotel still managed to find a special place in their memories.

TbiliSee stands out both through its unique location in Old Tbilisi and its interior design. The modern, handmade and antique items and objects decorated with traditional Georgian elements are in perfect harmony with modern and traditional styles alike.

The highlight of your stay at this hotel will be a visit to the See 360 restaurant, which offers lovely panoramic views of Tbilisi that allow guests to experience and appreciate the city’s history and culture.

When we talk about the hotel, we should not forget about the 360 menu that is based entirely on Georgian cuisine. The chef Natia Mirakvelidze will create delicious Georgian dishes that you will certainly remember for a long time.

Full comfort, high-quality service, friendly staff and traditional Georgian aura creates a sense of comfort that gives birth to new emotions. As you leave the hotel, you will tell yourself that you will definitely be back!


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