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FIABCI-Georgia will be involved in the activities of the Batumi Master Plan

FIABCI-Georgia (National Representation of the International Real Estate Federation) and City Institute Georgia (author of the Batumi Master Plan) have agreed on cooperation. The official signing ceremony between the parties was held on 30th of September at the Hotel Wyndham Grand Tbilisi.  The main purpose of signing the memorandum is to raise the awareness about the Batumi Master Plan developments both inside the country and abroad, which will be achieved by the global network of FIABCI operating in 70 countries.

According to the agreement of the parties, FIABCI-Georgia will plan thematic events around the General Plan of Batumi. City Institute, which is a member of FIABCI-Georgia, will periodically hold working meetings with other members, including large development companies in Batumi, to discuss topics of general land use plan of the main resort city of Adjara.

For reference, City Institute Georgia also worked on the master plan of Tbilisi and Gori, therefore, the above-mentioned cooperation implies the active involvement of FIABCI - Georgia in the urban development processes of different cities of Georgia.

FIABCI-Georgia was established in 2019 as a national representative of the International Real Estate Federation. Today it embraces up to 30 leading Georgian real estate companies.

Founded in 1951 in Paris, FIABCI is a global business network for all professionals in the real estate sector.

City Institute Georgia is the first Georgian non-profit organization, which was created as a result of the synergy of Georgian-German expertise covering urban development, planning and spatial design, quality of life, introduction of leading international experience.


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