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Bellevue Residence Batumi – The History of Hilton in Georgia

Author: Ani Kakuria

On your visit to Batumi, you would probably have noticed two tall buildings with distinguished architecture right by the seaside. The name of this unique and exclusive project is Bellevue Residence Batumi. Not only is it the city’s architectural marvel, but also a high-end multifunctional complex that includes the five star Hilton hotel.

Together with a number of technical characteristics, Bellevue Residence Batumi prioritises the customer’s comfort. We spoke to the company CEO Giorgi Abashidze to find out more about the brand concept and history.

- Tell us how you came up with the Bellevue concept.

- The idea was born back in 2008, when neither Batumi nor Georgia were attracting significant investment. Our investors were Georgians living abroad. They wanted to build a multifunctional complex in Batumi that would change the investment climate and help attract new funding. 

Having purchased the property, we devised the project and signed an agreement with Hilton in 2009. The objective was to create a multifunctional project with a five star hotel and high-end apartments. We started actively working on the project together with British architects.

- The association with the five star Hilton hotel is one of the main attractions of the Bellevue apartments. What exactly does this mean for the project?

- Naturally, this affords additional privileges to the project, as residents and holidaymakers are confident that they will receive services worthy of a five star hotel. There is a difference in names, as we are not allowed to use the Hilton brand for a commercial or residential property. However, we see both of these projects as one. This means that Hilton and Bellevue receive the same services. 

- Tell us about the history of Hilton in Georgia.

- Large brands usually enter a country’s capital first, but the opposite was true in our case. Bellevue became the first Hilton hotel in Georgia. Hilton was involved in the project with a full team that discovered the best side of Georgia. They learned about the Georgian people and culture as they implemented the project, which made the whole process more pleasant.

- Finally, let us touch on your future plans. How ambitious is your company’s long term vision? 

- We have numerous plans to complete and improve ongoing projects, as well as offer new and improved services. We also want to launch new initiatives, including the Hampton project. We have a 100,000 m2 plot in Adjara where we plan to implement new construction projects. Our group has extensive and ambitious plans for the future.


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