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#propertymedia The Best Gated Communities in Georgia

Author: Ani Kakuria

In recent years, it has become noticeably more common for people to move away from urban spaces into private homes. Interest towards closed residential complexes has also increased significantly.

In Europe and the US, a large part of the population has long preferred to live in these so-called gated communities. Such settlements have fixed entry and exit points, meaning that only the residents and their guests can access the premises. These are highly secure communities with a special lifestyle, whose residents tend to belong to the same social and economic class.

Studies show that people seek certain values in gated communities. These may include prestige, community, lifestyle, peace and stability.

Today we will tell you about the four largest and most innovative gated community projects that are currently on the Georgian development market.

Lisi Topography is one of the latest projects that appeared on the market in 2021 and soon became a standout residential location in Tbilisi. The aim of the project is to create an ecologically, clean, quiet and secure western-style settlement composed of low buildings that meet all standards of modern urbanisation. Unlike other gated communities that are usually composed of a mixture of townhouses and low-rise apartment blocks, this project will only include townhouses.

Lisi Topography has a unique location a mere 350 meters away from the Lisi Lake. Stretching over an area of 42 hectares are 244 land plots that will be used for the construction of houses, parks, football pitches, basketball and tennis courts, children’s playgrounds and various amenities (supermarket, pharmacy etc.). This is a place where people can escape the city noise and live in their private home in an environmentally clean environment at the lake, enjoying all the trappings of an out-of-town location right in the city.

It is also important to note that the main goal of the project is to preserve the recreational nature of the territory. The construction plan was adapted to the recreational strategy of the location, where green yards and parks take up the majority of the area.

Lisi Veranda, or Lisi Green Town is a large scale project covering a 355 ha territory near the Lisi Lake. The project incorporates green concepts such as 80/20, whereby only 20% of the territory is used for construction and the remaining 80% for recreational and green spaces. Lisi Development offers customers a spacious lifestyle instead of small living areas, which represents a new standard and approach in itself. The project combines three residential areas and villas, and includes parks, squares, pools, children’s playgrounds and other infrastructure.

Tbilisi Hills is a prestigious project implemented over a 331 ha territory near the Shavnabada Monastery in the upper part of Tbilisi. Located a mere 20 minute drive from Freedom Square, the project includes townhouses, apartments and land plots. The territory is designed to accommodate up to 5000 families, each of whom will be allotted quite a large space. The project incorporates an 18-hole golf course stretching over a 110 ha area, which meets European standards and is ready to host international tournaments.

The Krtsanisi Villa Residence complex is located in one of the oldest parts of Tbilisi, near the former government residence. The 20 ha development includes various types of housing. Krtsanisi Villa Residence is an innovative Georgian project that was first devised in 2010. Its main objective is to create an ecologically clean and quiet resort environment near the city centre that would meet all modern requirements and challenges. The project incorporates extensive recreational zones and healthy activities, including swimming pools, fitness centres and sports fields, school, kindergarten, horse stables, wine cellar and many other amenities that will have a positive effect on the everyday life of the residents.

As you can see, gated communities have several things in common – an abundance of recreational zones and playing areas, safety and security, as well as everything else that ensures a healthy lifestyle. It is therefore important to choose carefully to arrive at the best choice.


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