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Chateau Kvirike – A Special Synthesis of Vine and Sea

Chateau Kvirike is a unique complex in the Adjara region in terms of its concept. It blends the theme of wine and vineyards with the seaside. This is a hotel complex that includes numerous facilities and attractions such as a wine cellar, swimming pool, restaurants, a little museum situated in a historic building, conference and banquet halls, and a unique recreational environment with eucalyptus trees, vineyards, hazelnut orchards and kiwi fruit alleys.

The main idea behind the construction of the complex was to popularise the Adjara region, and the town of Kobuleti in particular. According to the representatives of the Tower Group, the goal was to create a space where guests could spend their vacation in an attractive environment at any time of the year. To this end, the company chose the strategy of promoting and developing viticulture.

500 m above sea level, over an area of 2 hectares, the company has cultivated authentic grape varieties such as Tsitska, Tsolikauri, Krakhuna, Dzelshavi, Chkhaveri, Ojaleshi and others. One of the main attractions of the complex is the wine cellar, where wine obtained from the local grapes is being aged in traditional clay vessels (Kvevri). The synthesis of seaside and mountain climate gives the wine a special taste.

There wine cellar includes a shop where guests can discover a variety of other branded wines. An experienced sommelier will individually advise each guest on the type of wine they are looking for.

Guests at Chateau Kvirike can combine their vacation with an opportunity to learn about Georgia’s cultural features. To this end, the central part of the complex includes several cottages named after different regions of Georgia – Abkhazia, Imereti, Guria, Adjara, Kartli etc. They serve to enhance awareness among foreign tourists about Georgia and its culture.

Another striking feature of the complex is the space where guests can see how peasants historically lived their everyday lives in Georgia – a century-old barn with grain storage facility and a functioning water mill where guests can observe the corn grinding process, be treated to freshly baked bread, learn how Adjarian khachapuri and chacha are made, and many other things.

The entire premises brings to life various expositions of Niko Pirosmani (The Janitor, The Fisherman), as well as Georgian literary characters.

A real treasure inside the complex is the historic building with five fireplaces. Built in the 18th century, the construction retained its original face following renovation.

The complex has a large outdoor pool, restaurants, bars, as well as banquet and conference halls. The cottages have direct access to the pool.  The eucalyptus trees, the hazelnut and kiwi alleys and the vineyards create a special recreational environment where guests can spend a pleasant evening and ride electric cars.

Another special feature of the Chateau Kvirike complex is its fleet of retro vehicles that guests can ride on the premises or take pictures with. They can also ride electric cars to the walnut alley on the riverside, which is situated near the complex. All of this will make your stay at Chateau Kvirike a special and unforgettable experience.

Finally, we must mention Chalet Kvirike – another tourist location 12 km away from the complex, which offers stunning panoramic views. It is located 1050 m above sea level in a unique recreational environment with thousand-year yews. The complex includes 20 chalets and a restaurant. The cottages are hidden inside a forest. They are made of natural wood, and each one offers a view of the breathtaking scenery of western Georgia. Chalet Kvirike will start hosting visitors in the summer of 2022. Future plans include the development of alpine skiing infrastructure, which will create additional revenues for the region by attracting tourists during the winter season.


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