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On Its Way to Digitalization, ANAGI Implements PlanRadar Platform for Construction and Finish Quality Management

Anagi has implemented PlanRadar’s digital solution to manage construction projects and improve the efficiency of work.

Anagi is the largest construction company in Georgia. Founded in 1989, the company quickly became the leader of the construction sector in the country. Anagi’s main projects are in civil and industrial construction, covering the full range of work in this field.

At the moment, Anagi uses PlanRadar’s technology in 3 projects being implemented in two regions of Georgia, and in the future, it is going to manage all projects in all regions of the country via the platform. This application has allowed the company to reduce the time taken to set and track tasks, improve the analytics of implemented processes, optimize the control of tasks for site technical support, as well as to ensure improved efficiency of construction.

PlanRadar is not just a mobile solution for the management and quality control of building works during the construction and commissioning of a facility. The application’s tools allow us to prepare for inspections, monitor the quality of construction and finishing, as well as carry out daily real estate management throughout a building’s lifecycle.

“At Anagi, we strive to minimize the construction period, and PlanRadar’s simple mobile solution helps us to save time on document management and to optimize all management processes – from setting tasks to tracking statistics of all sites. This approach helps us to work as efficiently as possible”, an Anagi spokesperson pointed out.

"The implementation of digital tools is becoming an integral part of the companies' strategy for quality management of all business processes. For our part, we are pleased to present the world-class experience that has been implemented via PlanRadar’s mobile solution. Easy deployment and use, as well as the flexibility of settings helps users to apply the application to a wide range of tasks; it will allow Anagi to get the maximum benefits when solving daily issues", said Avtandil Mekudishvili, PlanRadar’s Official Representative in Georgia.


PlanRadar is an international IT company and developer of a SaaS platform for construction and real estate project management. The company was founded in Austria in 2013. As of early 2022, it has offices in Europe and Russia. PlanRadar's multinational team consists of over 400 employees and serves 120,000+ customers from more than 65 countries around the world.



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