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Private Home for the Price of an Apartment – Mgzavrebi Saguramo

We all remember the pandemic-related restrictions that led to a massive increase in demand for open spaces and comfortable locations from which people could work remotely. As a general trend, people across the world – and Georgia is no exception – now seek to live in peace and nature, free from traffic jams but close to the capital at the same time. As a result, private homes and land plots have become increasingly popular. Already last year, the Association of Engineers announced that demand for the construction of private homes had trebled. This points towards a change in buyer preferences, and developers are now adapting to the new demands.

Land plots close to the capital are becoming increasingly expensive, and special offers are increasingly rarer. In many cases, investing in a private home is associated with enormous costs. However, there are exceptions, one of them being Mgzavrebi Saguramo, where customers have the opportunity to purchase a private home at affordable rates – almost for the price of an apartment. The location is close to Tbilisi, and most importantly, the project offers outstanding infrastructure.

To be more precise, this is an elite closed complex stretched across an area of 5 hectares. The project includes 2 swimming pools (for children and adults), tennis courts, a football field, a recreation area, a children's corner, a minimarket, a cafe-restaurant and parking areas.

Mgzavrebi Saguramo is designed for people who are looking both for a residential property and a country house, as well as those who wish to purchase real estate for investment purposes. The infrastructure of the complex meets the needs of all types of buyers.

Aside from the infrastructure, one of the outstanding features of the project is its affordability and flexible payment terms. The average cost of private homes in Mgzavrebi Saguramo is the same as for an apartment of similar size in most Tbilisi suburbs. Additionally, the property comes with a private yard, two parking spaces and million dollar infrastructure.

At the current stage, installation of communications has been completed, and the first 20 homes have been built in black frame condition. Green spaces and streets are currently being built. The first stage of the project will be completed by May 2023, while the whole project shall be finished in the spring of 2024.

Mgzavrebi mainly develops previously uninhabited locations, such as the Mgzavrebi Bakuriani project 15 years ago, the Gonio location, and others. Mgzavrebi Saguramo is a similar project, which presents a challenge for the company to develop the plot and the surrounding area. On the other hand, it motivates Mgzavrebi to start a project from scratch and turn it into a central location in a short space of time – a great idea and an example for others to follow, ultimately leading to the development of the country.


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