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Lisi Perspective: A unique view and a carefree future

"He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home," said Goethe. Peace at home has become especially valuable since the modern and digital world has made the city center even more dynamic and busy.

Development companies were challenged by the situation created in the city - what do residents need? How to develop the plot to create a quality and affordable product. The most sought-after projects in the world today offer customers dynamics and peace simultaneously.

Accordingly, expanding the urban area close to nature has become urgent, the so-called Accommodation in green zones. Green concept projects are also the starting point for the international development company York Towers. Their new project, "Lisi Perspective" is a unique combination that combines proximity to the center, a green environment, impressive views of the capital and a wholly isolated residential complex.

"The center of the capital city is always in the vanguard, but it became clear that the development of Tbilisi's suburbs is a logical future and also a solution for any person. We work, give and exchange information, make decisions, read, watch, and get pretty tired during the day. Thus, we need an environment that completely removes stress. Today, the most desired aspects of the customer, when choosing a development product, are the calm environment and the investment perspective, which we fully respond to," says the chief marketing officer of York Holding Group, Otar Kiria.

Lisi Perspective is a complex of eight unique buildings near Lisi Lake. The project includes premium-class villas with excellent views of Tbilisi. Its location is ideal for those who want to enjoy nature, and fresh air after a tiring working day, spend the evening with family and friends and enjoy the day or night views of Tbilisi.

Each villa has three floors and covers an average of 300 square meters of living space. In addition to the living space, each villa has a summer area, auxiliary spaces and a parking place. The project design of zones, floors and rooms allows the family to be in peace, have fun, feel completely isolated and not disturb others. The complex is bordered by a forest and isolated by a natural divider. "The company's starting point is to improve lives and create an environment where people feel unique. Works are in progress. We only use premium-quality materials and eco-friendly systems. In addition, there are only eight villas. It's in the affordable price category and lower than the average compared to the prices in Tbilisi. This is an excellent perspective of Tbilisi and, at the same time, a perspective as a very profitable investment and a stable financial future," says Khaled Osama, CEO of York Towers.

York Holding Group is an innovative and dynamic real estate investment company. The holding operates in Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Israel, and Eastern European markets. Also include two brands: York Towers and Zaha Construction.


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