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York Holding Group 2022: Summary of Results

York Towers is a company within the York Holding Group whose impressive success story started in 2016. The holding also includes Zaha Construction, which designs and builds all development projects.

After the end of the pandemic, the year 2022 was full of many projects, news, and innovations for YHG.

One of the unique innovations is reorganizing the organization according to international standards, which the management called "KROY." "KROY" is a reverse version of York and includes a complete transformation of management and operational processes following globally recognized methods and standards. It's a global standard for corporate culture, marketing, sales, and service principles.

The goal of organizational transformation is to create a dynamic, employee-centered, and innovative corporate culture where employees feel that the company values their uniqueness and have the opportunity to do what they love and use their strengths while doing it. The development of employees' care for their motivation and productivity is directly proportional to the organization's efficiency.

Another unique project is Lisi Perspective, a complex of impressive buildings near Lisi Lake. The project includes eight premium-class villas with excellent views of the city. Its location is ideal for those who want to enjoy nature and fresh air and spend an evening with family and friends after a tiring working day. In addition to the living space, all villas have a summer area, summer spaces, and a parking place.

In the most difficult post-Covid period for the economy of Georgia, YHG invested 27 million dollars in one of the largest complexes in Batumi, which was called Bianca Batumi and is also referred to as an "Investment Star."

At the end of the year, the company opened a representative office in Dubai, which will significantly simplify the purchase of real estate, various legal procedures, signing powers of attorney and contracts, bank transactions, and direct consultation with a lawyer. At the same time, it will help strengthen Georgia's economy.

YHG will begin 2023 with big plans and new goals. Exciting projects and the opening of new representative branches are planned.


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