109 Flats Sold in 4 Months - Why is SEU Development’s ‘Green Yard’ so special?

The sales process began in May. Four months later, nearly all the properties have been sold. SEU Development will finish construction of the ‘Green Yard’ in less than 3 months. Property Georgia spoke to head of SEU Development’s sales and marketing, Keti Arveladze, about the features that make the residential complex on 32 Politkovskaya Street in Saburtalo district stand out.

By Kate Tabatadze

  • You began selling the properties in the ‘Green Yard’ residential complex in May, and have virtually completed the sales process four months later. How can you explain such impressive sales dynamics?

These sales statistics are very important for us, and we are very proud of them. We did not conduct a massive marketing campaign, and we think that factors such as flexible payment terms, location and quality of the construction materials have played a more important role. I would like to thank each one of our future tenants, who trusted us and chose the ‘Green Yard’ project. At present, we only have 7 out of 116 flats left to sell. Your readers still have a chance to become tenants in our residential complex.

  • SEU Development is building the ‘Green Yard’ in a prestigious, ecologically clean environment on 32 Politkovskaya Street in the Saburtalo district, and is due to finish the process by the end of 2017. At what stage is the construction process right now?

The building carcass is finished, and the inner walls are close to being completed. Works on the façade have already began, and very soon we will start installing windows and doors, wiring, etc. All works are proceeding according to schedule.

  • In an earlier interview, the director of your company told Property Georgia that professional decorators and florists worked on the planning of the ‘Green Yard’ recreational zone. Will your residential complex be offering something different and special in this regard?

Construction is still ongoing, and works on the green space have not started yet. We have a plan in place to develop a yard that will cover approximately 1500 m2 in area. We have already planted perennial plants on the territory in question, and it will make the living environment even more attractive.

‘Green Yard’ is a 19-storey residential block that will include commercial and office spaces. The building will have a fitness centre and a four-level car park, as well as a lobby and security service.

  • Your company director also mentioned that SEU Development is planning to build a premium-line residential complex in Old Tbilisi, which shall include an international  5-star hotel brand. Can you tell us more about this project?

We have high expectations regarding this project. We think that construction will begin in one and a half years. Investment worth $26 million will go into it, which in itself points to the size of the project. We are currently in talks with the city’s Architecture Service. Whilst these talks are still ongoing, I will refrain from providing any additional details at this stage.

  • Are there any further news regarding residential properties?

We will soon start working on a new project next to ‘Green Yard’. We have purchased a 2814 m2 land plot that will include three residential blocks, a playground, a sports field and a square. We will soon release further details about this new project.

  • You have been represented on the construction and development market since 2013. What does it mean to be a leading player on a market that is quite saturated with players, and what does SEU Development do in that regard?

On of our company’s main advantages is the high professionalism and experience of each of our team members. Honesty towards customers and justifying their trust represents the company’s main value. We are happy to see constant development of the construction and development market and the emergence of new players. We believe that healthy competition will benefit the customers. Our aim is to be represented in numerous parts of Tbilisi, and to cover as much of the market as possible.

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