20 Months Length Internal Interest-free Installment Payment Possibility at the Completed Complex King David

From today, the residences at the King David can be purchased through 20 months length internal interest-free installment payment possibility! King David is officially accepted into exploitation and will welcome the first residents on December 1.

Upon purchasing the apartments, residents can start renovation works and can move in even before full payment of the apartment. 

King David is a premium class multifunctional complex consisting of two towers. The higher tower, named King David Residences, is a residential space. The shorter tower, King David Business Center incorporates class-A office spaces. Over 40% of the project is made up by infrastructure. The towers are connected to each with first six floors and this is where the majority of the amenities is allocated, including 28 meters long pool, spa and fitness center, garden on an open terrace with a space for children, restaurant, cafeteria, event hall, residential lobby with a bar, business center’s lobby and parking. Five  star restaurant with 360 grade panoramic view of Tbilisi is located on the 32nd floor.

King David has repeatedly celebrated gaining international success and recognition in one of the most prestigious contests in real estate field - International Property Awards. King David was awarded with a highest – five star assessment and won the nomination “the best Mixed-Use Development in Georgia” in 2016 - 2017. While in 2017, the King David was named as the best High Rise Residential Development in Georgia 2017-2018.  

King David is a place where the time of its residents and workers is valued greatly. In this regard, the company created a project where people can get everything they need in one space - the ability to live, work, entertain themselves, and enjoy rest.

The offer will be in force till 20 November, 2017.

"REZID Holding GmbH" | "Rezid Tbilisi" BIC: 205290219 | 12 M.Aleksidze St., Tbilisi | +995 322 00 18 18 | Sales@kdr.ge | www. kdr.ge

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