Axis Towers Invests $20 Million in Engineering and Technology

As Tbilisi’s tallst multifunctional complex, the Axis Towers have already become a landmark of the capital. Their modern architecture immediately catches the eye. However, few people know about the valuable engineering and technological aspects of the skyscrapers… and there is more to tell than you can imagine.


  • When we speak about tall buildings, one of the main factors that immediately comes to mind is fire safety. All elevators, staircases and porches in the Axis Towers are supplied with airflow whenever the fire safety system is activated, ensuring that smoke does not reach these locations and evacuation routes in case of fire.


  • Supplying a tall building such as the Axis Towers with water for firefighting and drinking purposes can be challenging. The complex therefore has a 700 m3 capacity water tank with pumping stations, ensuring that the system operates at the right pressure for supplying the correct amount of water.


  • The complex is also resilient against new challenges. It boasts safe heating and cooling systems. Each functional zone is served by a separate chiller. The air conditioning system uses Freon, preventing the build-up of harmful Legionella bacteria. The chillers are designed to work in winter conditions and withstand temperatures as low as -5 C. The four-pipe heating and cooling system ensures that spaces can be heated and cooled simultaneously at any time of the year.


  • The building’s engineering systems are operated and controlled through a building management system (BMS). All parameters that ensure orderly operation of central systems and equipment are controlled and managed remotely through a panel.


  • Against the background of post-pandemic regulations, office ventilation represents one of the main challenges. Axis Towers comply with all relevant norms by using individual recuperators, ensuring that each office receives a separate supply of fresh air, preventing the spread of infection within the complex. The hotel and other commercial spaces have their own individual ventilation systems. The strength of these systems conforms to the current standards in the United States.


  • The development firm Axis cares for the environment. Tbilisi’s tallest multifunctional complex Axis Towers is an energy-efficient building. The facades are glazed with low-emissivity glass from the French firm Saint-Gobain. The building therefore requires less energy for heating and cooling, ensuring lower operational costs for owners and tenants. The ventilation system is also operated in accordance with an energy-efficient concept. The use of individual recuperators saves energy on heating and cooling the building, reducing harmful effect on the environment.


  • Cleaning and technical maintenance of the 147 m tall façade is ensured by building maintenance units (BMUs) that are attached to the towers.

Within the framework of the Axis Towers project, the development firm Axis has invested $20 million in engineering and technology alone. The 37-storey building is 147 m tall and has four additional underground floors. Total investment in the project exceeds $100 million.

The construction and development firm Axis has been associated with innovation and leadership throughout the 22 years of its existence. It introduced the concept of development in Georgia, built the first group of ‘palaces’ offering innovative services, as well as constructing the first twin skyscrapers in Georgia in the shape of the Axis Towers.