Axis Towers – Offering Flexible Office Space Planning

In the post-pandemic period, safe environment remains a topical issue both in Georgia and across the world. Some companies have therefore been conducting part of their operations remotely, creating demand for small but prestigious office space. This demand is fully met by the Axis Towers Business Centre, which occupies the first 19 floors of the glass tower. A total of 16,720 m2 of premium-class office space has been created through a flexible planning system and features all of the following:

  • Offices starting from 60 m2
  • Customer-oriented planning
  • Floor to ceiling windows across the whole façade, guaranteeing bright office space
  • Small offices that can accommodate substantial working space due to the building layot.

Prominent local and international firms that have already taken up office space at the Axis Towers Business Centre include Pasha Bank Georgia, Alcon, Georgian Co-Investment Fund, Georgian Tourism Development Fund, Terminal, Axis and LSG Solutions.

The construction and development firm Axis has been associated with innovation and leadership throughout the 22 years of its existence. It introduced the concept of development in Georgia, built the first group of ‘palaces’ offering innovative services, as well as constructing the first twin skyscrapers in Georgia in the shape of the Axis Towers.


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