The Benefits Offered by Axis Towers in the Post-Pandemic Period

Resilient buildings are the future of sustainable construction. This has become evident during the global pandemic. Axis Towers are one of the standout examples of resilient construction in Georgia. The multifunctional complex, which is located in the centre of Tbilisi, has continued operating as usual in spite of the existing challenges. All standards that are now mandatory had already been incorporated into the planning stage of the project.

The new post-pandemic regulations mainly concern office space and public places.


  • The main challenge is ventilation. Each floor in the Axis Towers business centre receives independent supply of fresh air through individual recuperators, which helps prevent the spread of infection within the complex. The hotel and other commercial spaces have their own individual ventilation systems. The strength of these systems conforms to the current standards in the United States.


  • Social distancing, which has become the main norm across the world, is maintained across the whole premises in Axis Towers, including the common areas. The movement of people within the multifunctional complex is controlled through 16 separate entrances, as well as 6 escalators and 32 elevators with different capacities and speed settings, manufactured by the Japanese firm Mitsubishi Electrics. All five areas of the Axis Towers development are operating independently from each other, ensuring that the streams of people do not intersect.


  • Axis Towers pays due attention to recreation, which is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The complex has a green courtyard which is located at 25 m above sea level, as well as a business lounge, a large pool, a terrace and a pedestrian street lined with cafes and restaurants. The renovated Tabidze Square and Vake Park are situated nearby.


The construction and development firm Axis has been associated with innovation and leadership throughout the 22 years of its existence. It introduced the concept of development in Georgia, built the first group of ‘palaces’ offering innovative services, as well as constructing the first twin skyscrapers in Georgia in the shape of the Axis Towers.