British Company BuroHappold Engineering to Develop the Concept of Anaklia’s City Plan

On 23 February, Anaklia City presented the Anaklia Visionary Master Planning and Development Plan study to be developed by a leading British company BuroHappold Engineering, the winner of an international tender. 

“Anaklia City” executed a contract with the British company under which BuroHappold Engineering is to prepare economic analysis, the feasibility study and the master plan of the Anaklia City.

The presentation opened by Mr. Mamuka Khazaradze, the founder of Anaklia City, was attended by the Government officials, diplomats and business people.

Addressing the audience, BuroHappold Engineering representatives spoke about their experience, namely the implemented projects.

“To become a regional landmark, Anaklia is to rely on the two pillars: the cutting-edge technologies and green economy. To this end, its going to have an industrial park etc. We are glad to have got an opportunity of working with one of the world’s key companies. The concept is to be developed within 6 months during which Anaklia City will be discussing the concept at occasional meetings with various target groups”, - Ms. Keti Bochorishvili, Anaklia City’s Executive Director stated.

“We had the unique chance to convince ourselves about the pace and the magnitude of this remarkable project here and we think it will greatly contribute to the regional development and to the nation’s overall economimc development”, - Mr. Robert Winterhager, Group Director Cities at BurroHappold Engineering said. 

BuroHappold Engineering already started to work on the Anaklia urban planning concept and had meetings at several Government agencies, including the Economy and Finance Ministries. 

On February 22th the Company experts arrived in Anaklia for preliminary investigation. For the purpose of the spatial planning, they examined the territory and the Anaklia port construction works

BuroHappold Engineering, one of the world’s key urban planning and construction companies works worldwide. In Britain, Europe, Asia and the USA, it has implemented over 600 projects, such as the sea port complex in Mumbai, London’s Hyde Park, the Technological University in California etc.

On 23 February meeting Anaklia City officials also summed up the company’s works so far.

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