Challenges to Healthy Construction and Solutions offered by the German Construction Material Manufacturer Sto

The leading Georgian investment and consultancy hub Property Georgia and the local chapter of the International Real Estate Federation, FIABCI-Georgia, are continuing the campaign that revolves around the subject of healthy construction. At a presentation held in Radisson Blu Iveria Tbilisi on 15 November, which was jointly organised by Property Georgia and FIABCI-Georgia, and supported by Digital Area, the German construction material manufacturer Sto’s representative Daniel Lindley introduced eco-friendly products for the Georgian construction market. The presentation – titled Innovative Technology for a Healthy Environment – was also attended by Georgian architects, as well as private and public sector representatives. A panel discussion took place on the subject of ‘Building with Conscience.’

We will go into the year 2021 with new regulations regarding energy efficiency of buildings. Implementing energy-efficient measures will become mandatory for architects during the planning phase, as well as during the construction process itself,” stated the head of the Technical & Construction Supervision Agency, David Gigineishvili.

The head of the Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads, Eka Laliashvili, spoke about the latest study, which has revealed the presence of lead in high quantities in 13 out of 34 construction material samples. “Our qualitative study revealed the presence of 50 ppm of lead in 12% of the construction and renovation materials. This was the upper limit of our study, so the real figures are likely to be even higher. The same levels were found in cement, block, paint and various other construction materials. Such levels of lead presence are enough to cause serious harm to human health,” stated Ms Laliashvili.

The German experience, which was shared by Daniel Lindley to the panel and the attendees at the presentation, is based on a scientific approach towards construction manufacturing, which in turn reflects itself in care for the environment. Sto is known globally for its iQ Technology products such as StoColor Photosan – an innovative façade coating whose active elements effectively prevent formation of particulates from exhaust fumes.

“Healthy construction is important for the hospitality field in the real estate sector. This is especially true for countries such as Georgia, where tourism is growing. A good example is Costa Rica, which has positioned itself as a carbon-neutral international resort,” explained Daniel Lindley

For the organisers, the 15 November event is a continuation of the international real estate and tourism forum Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities, which took place in Tbilisi a month ago in partnership with the Bank of Georgia. Against the background of growing urban migration across the world, it is important for the real estate sector to familiarise itself with the modern tends with regards to healthy urban development. To this end, Property Georgia and FIABCI Georgia are planning to organise further activities such as local and international forums, awards, conferences, training, workshops and presentations.