Christmas Gift for Gudauri by Georgian Real Estate Development Company Red-Co!

New buildings, entertainment and leisure facilities, various cultural events - all that is necessary for the perfect rest awaits the guests in Gudauri this year. The growth rate of the resort is fast and the number of new facilities increases. It is important to note that most of them are world brands. Among them is the first casino “Casino Gudauri” in Gudauri and the glamorous shop "Besplendid" – with one of the most famous German brand Bogner's winter sports collection. Among the novelties is the new restaurant "Meatloaf". It is also worth mentioning the beginning of construction of the first five star hotel - Radisson Blu Gudauri.

Clothing store Besplendid

The most fashionable, exquisite and exclusive skiing outfits of the famous German brand Bogner Sport, are already in Gudauri. It is represented by the glamorous shop "Besplendid", located in the New GudaurI Suite.

Casino "GudauriI Casino"

The first casino in Gudauri – a new entartaiment after skiing in a ski resort for those who would like to spend their time having fun and enjoying their stay. Sophisticated interior, high class service, quiet atmosphere and elevated mood. Here you can enjoy the "Black Jack", "American Roulette" and the different types of poker games.

Restaurant "Meatloaf"

The restaurant "Meatloaf" was opened on December 31 at the Gundola’s Square in the New Gudauri Suite in Red-Co. It is distinguished by modern designs and variety of European dishes - hot and cold salsa, salads and soups, hot dishes, desserts and drinks - everything in Gudauri makes your vacation a pleasant culinary adventure.

This innovations were created by he developer company "Red-Co", which started to work in Gudauri in 2012 and has already built a new settlement in there, which is similar to Switzerland in many ways. The company claims that such large-scale projects will continue in Gudauri, which will attract tourists and will turn Gudauri into 4 season resort.

Radisson Blu Gudauri

Within the framework of Radisson Blu Gudauri project, the company will invest 20 million dollars. 160 rooms will be included in the hotel, as well as several restaurants, spa, open and indoor swimming pools and the entire necessary infrastructure, which is necessary for high class hotel to function. The opening of Radisson Blu Gudauri is planned in 2019.

Finally, most important  Christmas Gift from Georgian Real Estate Development Company Red-Co!

"Nino Katamadze & Insight", "Kakhaberi and Khanumi", Theatraluri Quartet will celebrate Christmas in Gudauri together with Georgian and foreign listeners in an open air. A grandiose free concert will be held for guests on the occasion of Christmas in New Gudauri.

The goal of the host company Red-Co is to introduce a series of large-scale entertainment activities in Gudauri, which will enable the holidaymakers to have a chance to have an alternative nightlife.

The event organized by the developer company will be held on the territory of Red-Co. The Christmas concert will start at 20:00 and last till midnight.

According to the company's explanation, the pre-Christmas event will be a presentation of the results of the five-year workshop that "Red-Co" has done and a new Gudauri multifunctional space. Ideal conditions are currently created in the complex.

Mountain-ski resort Gudauri, located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, is one of the most important tourist zones in Georgia, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year from different countries.