Colliers International Georgia to Appear at EXPO REAL Munich

EXPO REAL Munich, one of the most influential international real estate exhibitions, will be welcoming Colliers International Georgia – the only Georgian company to be represented. Irakli Kilauridze, the Managing Director of Colliers International Georgia, spoke to Property Georgia about the significance of the exhibition.

- Colliers International Georgia will appear at the international real estate exhibition EXPO REAL in Munich. How important is this event for your companies and for the projects that you are planning to present?

- EXPO REAL Munich is one of the largest and most influential real estate exhibitions in the world, which brings together the expo industry’s largest players, developers, experts, investors, architects, property owners and other representatives from various branches of the sector. To participate in such massive business forums is vital both in terms of acquiring important new contacts for the company and offering interesting projects and services to the investors, as well as in terms of popularizing existing projects within the country. The main purpose of the exhibition is precisely to familiarize and connect representatives of the sector from various European countries with each other.

- On what scale will Colliers International Georgia be represented amongst the leading international developers?

- Our Georgian team is planning to present large-scale investment and development projects at the Munich real estate expo. Up to 450 assets will be presented in total.

- This will be the 13th annual EXPO REAL. When and how did Colliers International Georgia first appear at this large real estate exhibition in Munich?

- Based on its global activities, Colliers is closely cooperating with such organizations, and has traditionally been taking part in real estate exhibitions, forums and conferences. Naturally, the company’s Georgian office is also actively involved in such activities. Our team is visiting Munich for the third time already.

- Colliers International is represented in 66 countries across the world. Will the company’s other international offices be participating in this year’s event?

- Of course. More than 200 representatives from Colliers’s various offices will be participating at the Munich expo. You will have a chance to meet numerous experts from our company’s European offices at our stand in the exhibition hall.

As you know, the expo will include conferences which will unite 5 business forums. The attendees will hear 400 speakers, who will talk about the trends, news and possibilities that presently exist in real estate, investment, and business in general. Representatives from Colliers will be among those speakers.  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