Experts Predict Aquatic Highways, Air Taxis And Space Hotels For Life In 50 Years Time

London, UK – 29 August 2019 – Six of Britain’s leading academics and futurists come together for the first time to create a mind-blowing version of the future in 50 years’ time. Drone-style air taxis and buses, space hotels and aquatic highways will be the norm in 2069, according to experts

Self-cleaning homes, body implants that monitor our health and air taxis are the top expert predictions that Brits would most like to see become a reality in the future.

Rocket travel in space will get us from London to New York in 40 minutes, Quidditch-style aerial sport matches will be played in stadiums around the world and the daily commute will take place in the sky via drone-style air taxis and buses;

As technology advances, we’ll see significant changes in healthcare and nutrition:

Virtual companions and carers: We will have the option of a digital companion that gets to know us and our health over our lifetime. Through sensors which track our health status wherever we go, our carers will nudge us to make the healthiest choices.

3D printing of vital organs: Providing instant replacements for people whose organs are damaged beyond repair. They could even exceed the quality of those we are born with, including eyes with improved vision at night and hearts or lungs that enhance an athlete’s performance.

As entertainment also takes on new forms, we’ll see:

Aerial sport matches: We’ll be cheering on our favourite sporting teams as they fly around the stadium on hoverboards, in Quidditch-style four-dimensional sport matches.

Interactive movies and computer games: When it comes to watching films at home, affordable, refined haptic suits that create sensations of touch, which will fool all five of our senses, allowing us to physically feel the film or video game.

Holidaying in space: We’ll be packing our bags and heading to luxury space hotels, orbiting the Moon or other planets, generating their own gravity.

President of techUK and Co-Chair of the Institute of Coding, Jacqueline de Rojas, who co-authored the report, commented: “The next 50 years will bring the largest technological changes and innovations we have ever seen in our work and leisure. The Digital Revolution, just as the Industrial Revolution did 250 years ago, is challenging all our assumptions about how we shall lead our future lives.


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