FIABCI-GEORGIA - National Prix d'Excellence Awards 2020

FIABCI-Georgia Prix d'Excellence Awards 2020 recognizes the projects that best embodies excellence in all the real estate disciplines involved in its creation. It illustrates concretely the FIABCI ideal of 'providing society with the optimal solution to its property needs’.

On April 29, FIABCI-Georgia, local chapter of FIABCI, international real estate federation, will organize its first National Prix d'Excellence Georgia Awards Gala, followed by: Developers’ Exhibition, Caucasus Build Exhibition, Realtors’ Awards Gala of Georgian National Association of Real Estate (GNARE), Country Presentations, Conferences, Educational Trainings and Property Investment Tours.  The real estate week will bring together key players of real estate and hospitality sectors from all around the world and create platform for networking, exploring business opportunities and learning.

During the 5 days, more than 5000 local & international delegates (exhibitors and visitors, real estate professionals) from over 20 countries meet in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Mission of  Real Estate Week 2020 is to raise awareness of sustainable construction practices, eco-friendly, smart and innovative buildings and as a result manifest tangible efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of our built environment.

Winners of the FIABCI-Georgia Prix d'Excellence Awards will be nominated at the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence international awards.

Who can apply?

Property Georgia


Jury Members

2020 Jury Panel is comprised by an independent and diverse group of local and overseas real estate and hospitality professionals. The Jury Panel is responsible for granting projects with FIABCI-Georgia Prix d'Excellence awards categories

Basic  Criteria 

For All categories except Master Plan

1. For renovation & restoration projects, at least 75% of the total build-up area have to be restored and renovated.
2. All projects MUST be fully completed, occupied and operated for at least before 31st of December, 2019 and not more than 7 years.

For Master Plan Category
For Master Plan Category, if comprises of several phases, at least ONE phase must be completed and operated for at least 12  months before 31st December of the current award year.
For Mixed-Use Category
For Mixed-Use Category, must comprise of at least THREE main components. Example: Residential, Office, Retail, etc. It must be completed and operated before 31st December, 2019.

Who May Submit for the Awards
1. The property owner, or the project developer, may submit their project for the Awards.
2. The project architect and hotel operator who assume the executive responsibility for the project or property may submit the project for the Awards. 
3. FIABCI NEVER appoint or work with agents or consultants in the submission of the project.
Notification of Results

The final Oversight Panel deliberation meeting will take place in April, 2020 of the current Awards' year and all participants will be notified of the results.

Award Presentation Ceremony
Winners will be honored at an Awards Presentation Ceremony to be held at the FIABCI Georgia Gala Awards Event  in 29th of April.

Nominations for the award

Categories aim to reveal the sustainable and resilient spaces, buildings and people that demonstrate tangible efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of our built environment.

Affordable Housing Category - Project by private developer or public sector. The building must adhere to the affordable housing criteria, prices and guidelines provided by the government.

Heritage Category - Restoration or conservation of old buildings that have been identified by the relevant authorities/owners to restore to its original condition as best as possible. The building after restoration can be for any usage depending on the owner. The same building may enter for Heritage Category and another relevant category. Example, if the building is used as a hotel, the owner can enter for the Heritage Category and Hotel Category, and be judged under both categories, Heritage and hotel.

Hotel Category- Hotel for business or leisure purposes, and service apartments that are strictly operated as commercial accommodation, etc.

Master Plan Category - For a development concept plan that has been approved by the authority with at least one of the phase completed, i.e., township development and housing estate development.

Mixed-Use Development Category - A project/development that comprises of not less than three main components (Note: ancillary facilities and mere service outlets cannot be regard as a main component) of properties whereby those three main components must be physically and functionally integrated with covered pedestrian connections. i.e. a development that blends residential, commercial, office, and retail uses.

Office Category - For office buildings, office complexes, office parks.

Public Infrastructure / Amenities Category - Project exclusively financed and developed by public fund, i.e., government buildings, public hospitals, roads, bridges, airports, parks, stadiums, etc.

Residential (High Rise) Category - Apartments, condominiums, etc. (17 storeys and above).

Residential (Mid Rise) Category - Apartments, condominiums, etc. (above 5 storeys below 17 storeys).

Residential (Low Rise) Category - Landed housing estates, housing complexes, etc. (5 storeys and below).

Resort Category - A resort is a place for stay and relaxation or recreation attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. i.e., Beach resorts, hill resorts, theme park, marinas, etc.  A self-contain resort provides most of a vacationer’s requirements while remaining on the premises, such as food, drinks, lodging, entertainment, recreation and shopping.

Retail Category - Malls, shopping centers, hypermarkets, etc.

Sustainable Development Category - Project, Company, People.

Category aims to reveal the sustainable and resilient spaces, buildings and people that demonstrate tangible efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of our built environment.

For energy saving and green projects, i.e. save energy features, building allow more natural lighting, conserve or harvest rain water for use, green rated, etc.

Registration open from
8 February, 2020

Register now

Please fill in online registration form and upload all necessary documents for further review.
In registration form you will select which categories you’d like to enter.

Registration Deadline: 16 March, 2020

Jury completed by the field experts review applications and make the short list. They may require additional information from the candidates.

Jury makes final decision about winners. All shortlisted candidates will be  invited to the award ceremony and  revealed winners will be nominated. 

Selection Criteria:

Awards Winners for Each Category;
National Gold Winner will be bestowed to the National Best Project of each category;
National Silver Winner will be bestowed to the National Second Best Project of each category;

Using of the Awards' Logo
Winners will be entitled to use the prestigious ‘FIABCI Georgia Prix d’Excellence Awards' logo on their business materials and international exposure on the Roll-of-Honours of FIABCI Georgia Prix d’Excellence Awards print editions & Website.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact:

Registration open from
8 February, 2020

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