Going Green by DIRSI

Going Green Campaign by AS Georgia - DIRSI

On 16 March, development firm AS Georgia-Dirsi held an event on the subject of ‘going green’.
The green-themed event was organised at the behest of the Tbilisi Councillor Revaz Sokhadze, and was supported by AS Georgia-Dirsi.
As part of the Make Varketili Green campaign, 100 cedar saplings were planted near Kindergarten Nº166 in Varketili-3, II Micro-District in Tbilisi.
The event was attended by AS Georgia-Dirsi and municipality employees, local residents, as well as students from the Tbilisi State University and Caucasus University, who are undergoing apprenticeship in the company’s various departments.
Dirsi prioritises supporting initiatives that are aimed at improving the environment in Tbilisi. 
It is worth noting that Dirsi is planning to carry out a large-scale project to construct a boulevard and a park on the premises of its complex on the banks of Mtkvari. With more than 5000 plants and a European-style park, the project will provide a significant addition to the city’s environment. 

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