‘Green Yard’ in Saburtalo – Healthy Urban Environment by SEU Development

A residential complex in a prestigious, peaceful and ecologically clean environment: SEU Development will complete the construction of the ‘Green Yard’ project on 32 Politkovskaya Street in Saburtalo by the end of 2017. Property Georgia spoke to the company’s General Director Zura Mekvabishvili. 

  • At 32 Politkovskaya Street in Saburtalo, SEU Development offers those wishing to purchase real estate an ecologically clean, secure and comfortable environment. At what stage is the construction process?

Construction of the building framework of the ‘Green Yard’ complex is heading into the final stage. The building has two residential levels (16 and 18), while levels 17 and 19 will include garden terraces. The planning of the residential complex and the infrastructure has been conducted with due consideration for each detail that suits premium living conditions. The recreational zone covers an area of 1500 m2. The complex includes a children’s playground, a 24-hour fitness centre, a lobby, commercial and office area, as well as a four-storey underground and above-surface car park.

The 14th floor is currently being constructed. Owners will receive their flats in green-frame condition at the end of this year. The deadline for the completion of the project is March 2018.

  • Location is one of the key factors for a development project. What advantages does your project have in this regard, bearing in mind that Saburtalo is a district that has numerous new buildings?

One of the main advantageous factors that sets our project apart from the existing constructions is precisely its location. The ‘Green Yard’ project will be located in a central, yet quiet, prestigious and ecologically clean environment, shielded from urban noise pollution.

The recreational zone at the ‘Green Yard’ complex has been designed with the help of professional decorators and florists, and includes trees of a special species. It will guarantee that the yard at the residential complex will have green space around the year, along with peace, quiet, as well as a happy and safe environment for children.

  • The building where potential buyers are to purchase residential real estate must be solid. What construction materials are used by SEU Development for the project, and what safety measures have been taken?

We are fully aware of how important it is for the customer to make a decision regarding the purchase of a property. Therefore, the company’s team approaches this issue with utmost responsibility. The company offers its customers optimal planning, with each square metre of space being used most efficiently.

The company’s social responsibility ensures that it only uses energy-efficient and ecologically clean construction materials for its projects. We use formwork materials by the Austrian brand Doka, which allows us to conduct the construction process twice as fast and helps work safety. These materials are still considered luxurious in numerous European countries. Staff working on the construction site have been trained by representatives from Doka for several weeks.

For façade work, we will be using Belgian materials. The complex will include two OTIS elevators. All materials used by us during the construction process have a certificate of quality.The final decision regarding the purchase of residential property is dependent on price and payment terms. What does SEU Development offer in this regard?

We offer flexible payment terms. Our aim is to offer favourable terms to any person with a stable source of income who wishes to purchase a property within our complex. The initial payment is only $1000.  We offer both an interest-free internal instalment plan, and longer-term credit through our partner banks. Furthermore, we are currently offering discounts of between $15 and $25 per m2, while lump-sum purchases will receive a further 5% discount. We are constantly working on improving the flexibility of the payment terms, because as you mentioned, this is a highly important and sensitive issue for the buyer.

  • This is SEU Development’s first residential project. Which other projects has your development firm completed in the past, and do you plan to expand into other real estate fields in the future?

SEU Development has operated on the Georgian development market since 2013. Up to USD 23 million has been invested in the educational infrastructure so far, in the form of the Georgian National University’s old and new buildings housing modern educational and exhibition facilities. The university’s new building will be unique in the Caucasus region in terms of its scale and functional use.

The knowledge and experience of the company’s management team conditioned the change in direction in 2016 and the start of construction of residential blocks. We are planning to further expand our construction activities and become represented in the city’s other districts. Soon we will be offering customers a premium-line residential complex in Old Tbilisi, where we will be investing $26 million. We are currently negotiating with a five-star hotel brand, which is to be included in the aforementioned complex. Our goal is to become one of the leading names on the development market in a short space of time.

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