Investment in Income Generating Properties with 10% Annual Yield – Colliers International Georgia’s New Product

Colliers International Georgia offers new investment products – investment in rented real estate. People interested in investing in the income generating property will have the opportunity to invest in a commercial or long-term lease contract on premium locations.

Today, investing in real estate, particularly in offices and commercial spaces, is the most insured and reliable among other alternatives. The possibility of such conclusion is due to several important factor: stable demand on real estate, stable growth in prices, and thus increase in revenue from year to year.

Investment in real estate is one of the attractive tools for finance management. Real Estate Consulting Company Colliers International Georgia has studied the Tbilisi Commercial Real Estate Investment Market, which implies an analysis of return on trading and office spaces.

The study showed that annual turnover at the A Class Business Centers office segments is 11.7%, while in commercial trade centers on the main trading streets 9.2%. The demand for Tbilisi commercial real estate is quite stable. Over the past few years 91% of the main trading streets are loaded.

One of the alternative tools for finance management is deposits. It is noteworthy that in case of deposits the interest rate of commercial banks is 2.6% on foreign currency. Company Colliers International Georgia offers 10% revenue to invest in revenue assets, which is almost 4 times higher than bank deposits.

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