Irakli Katcheishvili: Real Estate Market Potential in Georgia

Irakli Katcheishvili, CEO of Property Management Group:

"I think the real estate market has a huge potential in Georgia. I would like to point out that its important component is to buy and sell residential real estate, as well as the hotel industry and management of office spaces and business centers. The specific market is quite growing, especially in terms of tourism and hotels. Consequently, it is a very interesting product for investing and can attract quite large investments in Georgia in this particular segment.These processes are promoted by Georgia's geographical location and the beauty of nature. Real estate market has come up with huge challenges due to recent political games. Bank regulations received last year is also a negative factor and one of the most important - unstable currency rates and the rapid decline in the value of Lari.  Another Challenge is a broader approach to one particular segment - market diversification and segmental diversity is necessary, which requires active and hard work. That's why it is beneficial to be member of FIABCI, as it is the source of information about the global market of real estate and the possibility to reach our voice to the right segment." 

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