Lisi Development Receives International Credit Rating

Lisi Development has become the first development company in Georgia to receive an international credit rating. It was afforded a corporate credit rating of B+ by the international rating firm Scope Ratings GmbH. The information required to obtain the rating was sourced by TBC Capital – a licensed brokerage firm and a subsidiary of TBC Bank.

“I am delighted that TBC Capital is actively cooperating with a leading player in this sector to ensure that our firm becomes a participant on the capital market. To this end, the award of credit rating by Scope represents a major step forward, highlighting the strength of financial management at Lisi Development, and the health of the company’s balance,” states TBC Capital Director Irakli Elashvili.

Scope Ratings GmbH identified the following factors as Lisi Development’s main strengths: good positioning on the market, brand strength, experience in construction and sales, attractive real estate locations and strong operating cash flow.

Lisi Development aims to create residential complexes with modern, refined architecture, and to promote a healthy new lifestyle in Georgia. The award of international credit rating represents further international recognition for the company. It shows that we are implementing high standards on the Georgian real estate market,” states Director General of Lisi Development Nodar Adeishvili.

Lisi Green Town – the first project carried out by Lisi Development – is based on the 80/20 concept, whereby only 20% of the territory is used for construction purposes, while the remaining 80% is used to set up green space and recreational zones.

Lisi Development is a recipient of numerous international awards. Between 2012 and 2017, the company won 10 prizes at the International Property Awards. Furthermore, Lisi Development has won the Georgian Golden Brand Award three times in a row.

Credit ratings awarded by Scope Ratings can be viewed by visiting the following link.

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