‘LISI GREEN TOWN’ – Your Healthy Investment

By Keti Tabatadze

LISI GREEN TOWN’ – Your Healthy Investment

“Our mission is to establish a completely new, ecological and healthy lifestyle in Georgia” – Tina Kvintradze, Sales Director at Lisi Development.

The second construction phase is actively ongoing in Lisi Green Town. At the same time, sales have picked up enormously. The company’s 80/20 green concept is protected in at all levels. Tina Kvintradze, Sales Director at Lisi Development, spoke to Property Georgia about the significance of the ‘Green City’ project.

- It is evident from the name ‘Lisi Green Town’ that one of the strengths of this massive project is its recreational aspect. To be more precise, what is included in the recreational zones of the ‘Lisi Green Town’?

Lisi Development has a mission to establish a completely new, ecological and healthy lifestyle in Georgia. This purpose is served by our 80/20 concept: only 20% of the territory is taken up by buildings, while 80% is devoted to green space, recreational zones and support infrastructure. Today there are 4 large parks situated on our territory, and more such zones are to be developed. Furthermore, our tenants have access to a swimming pool and a fitness centre. Soon we will be adding an indoor pool and another fitness centre. I would also add that work on the development of the Lisi Lake territory is ongoing systematically.

- The 11- hectare territory on which your company is building up to 450 residential units (flats, town houses, villas) was uninhabited until 2011. What attracted your attention to Lisi? What are the main advantages of the location that would justify the infrastructural costs?

The main advantage of our territory is the ecologically healthy environment, as well as the panoramic views. Our high-quality modern architectural residences are situated in this cosy and calm environment. Also important is the infrastructure which we are creating.

- What kind of construction materials are used within the concept of an eco-district, accoding to which the ‘Lisi Green Town’ is being built?

Lisi Development mainly uses ecologically clean European building materials. We only pick the highest-quality materials from the diverse European range. For example, we are using Venetian brick and Canadian pine for the façade, and we import it from the Netherlands. We also use German brand Schuco and Belgian Reynaers for windows and doors. Furthermore, all homes built by us are energy-efficient.

- Lisi Development is investing a total of $100 million in building ‘Green City,’ the first phase of which has already been completed. As of today, what are sales like for the first phase, and at what stage are the second phase works and sales?

The first district is completely sold out, and most of the tenants have already moved in. Sales for the second phase are even more active than for the first, as the potential buyers can already assess our quality and concept. 

- Can we expect prices to correspond to all the comfort that the ‘Lisi Green Town​​​​​​​’ is offering? What is the target segment for this grand complex?

Our tenants are mainly families for whom it is important that their children can grow up and develop in a clean environment. People of various professions reside in the ‘Green City,’ although doctors are represented more than any other professions. It is also worth noting that more and more foreigners are expressing their wish to live in ‘Lisi Green Town​​​​​​​.’

As for the target segment, it is quality that always determines the pricing. Owever, even against the background of highest quality, we are conducting an affordable pricing policy. Prices in our complex start from $1300 per sq. m. of residential space. The smallest residential properties in the ‘Green City’ measure 120 sq. m. while the size of the town houses is around 240 sw. m. All types of our products are in demand.

- What is Lisi Development planning to do once the second district has been completed?

- Our team always cares about development. Therefore, once the second district has been completed, we will continue with subsequent phases. We will also be offering premium-class villas, and buildings with distinguished design and architecture.



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