Managing Director of Colliers International Georgia to be Part of the Judging Panel at the EEA Real Estate Forum

The managing director of Colliers International Georgia, Irakli Kilauridze, will be part of a 35-strong international panel of judges that will be tasked with identifying the best real estate companies operating in Eastern Europe and Asia. Property Georgia spoke to Mr. Kilauridze about the international real estate forum, which is to take place in Kiev at the end of November.

By PG Editorial Director Kate Tabatadze

- The EEA Real Estate Forum, which will take place on 23-24 November in Kiev, will host real estate developers, banking representatives and investors from various countries. You will be part of the panel of judges at this event. How did Colliers International Georgia become involved in the aforementioned international forum?

The EEA Forum mainly showcases projects from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia. As a leading real estate service company represented in these countries, Colliers always enjoys the status of an honorary guest, and is also represented in the panel of judges. Interest towards Georgian real estate has been growing in recent years, and accordingly, there has been great interest shown for our real estate market research. Colliers’s Georgian office presented a review of the Georgian real estate market at the same forum last year, earning plaudits and attracting interest. Therefore, we are planning to hold another large-scale presentation at the forum this year.

- What does it mean for Colliers International Georgia, and for you personally, to participate at the EEA Real Estate Forum?

Taking part in this forum provides a great opportunity for us to present specific Georgian projects to potential investors and developers, as well as to discuss recent trends. The forum is attended by representatives from companies that know the region very well, meaning that they are aware of the geopolitical risks. This is often a significant barrier during discussions with investors who are less familiar with our region and its peculiarities.

- Will your projects be represented at the forum?

A project of ours will only be presented during private meetings. To the broader audience, we will only be presenting the aforementioned review of the Georgian real estate market.

- Do you know whether or not Georgian developers will be taking part in the forum, and which projects will be presented?

The list of participants of the EEA Forum will be announced on 10 November.

- Colliers International Georgia often takes part in international forums and exhibitions. How effective is this with regards to further strengthening the company’s position, and to what effect does it further sales?

Attending international forums and exhibitions is very important for increasing awareness about the country among the investors who are considering investing in real estate in developing countries in the near and mid-term future. Competition on the global investment market is very high. It is therefore crucial to represent your country in a correct manner. Of course, we are helped by Colliers’s high brand recognition and investors’ trust towards our brand. However, a well-structured investment offer and the experience of the local management team directly involved in carrying out the project is still the decisive factor.


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