„A Premium-Class Residential Building in a Quiet and Neutral Area“

Megi Kavtuashvili

A reduction in green zones in central Tbilisi has led to an ever-increasing demand for green space. In response to this demand, a premium-class offer has been made available near the city centre in the shape of Abrisi Dighomi. The project is being implemented in the Dighomi Massive, and is aimed at the medium-income segment of the population. However, the company claims that the project, which is located in a quiet and neutral residential area, is unprecedented in terms of quality. Property Georgia asked Abrisi Dighomi sales director Maia Sharashenidze about the reasons for the company deciding to implement a premium-class project in Dighomi Massive, as well as the firm’s plans for the future.

- What is Dighomi’s potential as a residential area?

The majority of development and construction companies are focussed on central and suburban areas, which is why we tend to find new residential buildings in these districts. Consequently, the segment is divided into the two main categories of expensive and cheaper real estate. Dighomi Massive as a residential area has the clearest potential to fall into the neutral medium segment. Our main task was precisely to fill this gap on the market and appeal to customers who are looking for a cosy neutral location at an affordable price. Dighomi Massive satisfies these requirements. Marshall Gelovani Avenue is a principal road that connects Tbilisi to several Georgian regions. Some of the city’s main commercial locations are found in this area. Dighomi is the country’s chief medical district, and is also attractive from an educational point of view, with several major colleges and schools being found here. Abrisi Dighomi will include a 755 m2 commercial area on the first floor, which we will use in accordance with market demand and our customers’ needs.

- What are the advantages of Abrisi Dighomi residential complex?

Abrisi Dighomi is located in Block I of the Dighomi Massive, which is easily accessible from both Marshall Gelovani Avenue and Robakidze Avenue. Quality is its main advantage. The residential area will be equipped with 3 European elevators (2 passenger and 1 freight); PVC windows and doors manufactured by the German firm Rehau, which suppress noise and reduce heating/air-conditioning costs by 60%; insulated pumice block walls; and a generator for ensuring frictionless operation of the elevators and an uninterrupted supply of lighting for the common areas and main systems. The apartments will be delivered in ‘green carcass’ condition. The building will have a 2000 m enclosed courtyard. CCTV cameras will carry out 24-hour monitoring of the complex. Although the new fire safety regulations do not apply to Abrisi Dighomi, our company has ensured that the complex will be equipped with modern fire systems, including an additional fire escape ladder. The project is currently being revised, with plans to construct an additional level that will house a health and sports centre, a swimming pool, a fitness centre and a terrace for the residents.

- Why should customers choose your company?

We began building Abrisi Dighomi in October 2017. As of today, the first 16 floors of the main building and the three-storey underground parking garage for 158 vehicles have been constructed. The sales process started in July 2018, when the first 11 floors had already been built. This is in contrast with many other companies who start the sales when there is nothing but thin air to be seen on the construction site. This is a reflection of our company’s solid financial foundations. Furthermore, we have a partnership with Bank of Georgia, where our customers can obtain a mortgage loan under simplified terms. Our company acts as guarantor for our customers until the end of the construction process.

Construction is due to be completed by October 2019.

- Are you planning to implement any other projects in the future?

Based on the speed of sales, our company is already looking for projects to invest in. Very soon you will hear about our new construction projects involving the same team and the same quality.