The Presentation of Rehabilitation and Restoration project of Romanov Palace and Likani Historical Complex

Today, on october 12, at 13:00, presentation of the "Rehabilitation and Restoration Project of Romanov Palace and Likani Historical Complex" will be held on the territory of Likani Historical Complex.

Project tasks: Restoration / Museumography of Romanov Palace; Restoration / rehabilitation of the orangerie; Improvement of the historical park / Dendrology plan; Designing a hotel-conference block; Arrangement of pedestrian bridge and visitor center.

Property Georgia

The goal of the project is to create large-scale tourist location on the territory of the Likani historical complex. For the first time in its existence, the Palace of Romanovs and the Likan Complex will become a part of Georgia's tourism infrastructure and visitors will have the opportunity to visit the buildings and park and have the full view of its territory.

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