Stunning Galleria Tbilisi Already Welcomes Shoppers & Visitors

Galleria Tbilisi, with 97 million USD in investments and 800 employees, opens in the heart of Tbilisi, on Rustaveli Avenue.

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“There are probably many places in Tbilisi that bring back pleasant memories. It is a city with its own unique character, style, and everyone who has visited our capital even once, cherishes sweet memories about this city for a long time. Rustaveli Avenue is an exceptional place not only in our capital but probably in the whole world. Rustaveli Avenue features sites closely ties to special memories. These are, of course, Rustaveli Theater, the Tbilisi Opera house, the Blue Gallery, Alexander Garden, and this place, also bringing back most tender memories. Those who remember this place truly cherish it. I am convinced that young people, who remember this place as a site dilapidated and in stagnation for decades, will also come to embrace it as something special because Galleria Tbilisi will be much bigger than a mall, serving as a cultural space as well. Besides the trade center, it will house entertainment areas, two theaters, and a movie theater equipped in line with ultramodern standards. This is why I am excited to congratulate you on this day!
For me, similar to every Tbilisi resident, and every citizen of our country, this day is especially joyous because this gorgeous place has been reborn and refashioned, and today we enjoy the ultramodern Galleria Tbilisi center.

Importantly, world-class brands will be showcased at this mall, which reaffirms the exceptionally high level of trust for Georgia.
Equally important is the fact that 90% of the materials used here are Georgian made, and the most difficult construction works here have been accomplished by Georgian companies. The construction employed 2,000 people, and this place already employs 800 permanent staff—and as I have been informed, this number will increase. A total of 97 million USD has been invested in this mall.
I would like to thank the Co-Investment Fund for completing this complex and colossal project. Of course, I am especially thankful to Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili who assumed this cause and project, which had been abandoned for years, to breathe new life into it and turn it into what it is today. Today, our capital has this tremendous site in all its beauty.
The Co-Investment Fund’s portfolio includes nine energy, agricultural, and manufacturing development projects. The Tourism Development Fund has eight important projects worth a total of 640 million USD, and the overall value of the Co-Investment Fund’s portfolio is almost two billion USD. This, of course, means many employed citizens. All these projects, after their completion, will create 20,000 new jobs in our country, so thousands of our fellow countrymen will be permanently employed.
Thus, I once again congratulate you on this day. I very much hope that our Tbilisi will see many more rejuvenated sites like this. I hope that we will witness the reemergence of the revitalized Laghidze Waters and khachapuri cheese bread diner that disappeared from Rustaveli Avenue at some point. I would like to address Kakha Kaladze, the Mayor of our city, and suggest we buy this place—of course, without violating anyone’s business rights—to renovate and reinvigorate it. This is what many Tbilisi residents want, and that, too, albeit not as actively as this place, but still may attract tourists. Those who have special memories of the Laghidze’s Waters will appreciate it very much.
Once again, I congratulate all of you on the inauguration of this immensely gorgeous, modern center full of life. I congratulate you on this day!” Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili stated at the opening ceremony of Galleria Tbilisi.

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