What is the Regus businessworld Gold membership? 

What is the Regus businessworld Gold membership? 

Monthly pass for 79$

If your job takes you ‘out and about’ a lot, or you work for yourself but simply don’t like sitting in cafes or your house all day, then working out of Regus lounges is a very viable alternative.  Regus also has a global network, so you can pop into centres pretty much wherever you are in the world.

Frankly, even if you buy a Georgian monthly pass for 79$, it is a bargain if you use it a lot. 

A Regus businessworld Gold membership provides you with complimentary access to the 3,000 Regus business lounges and cafes located in over 900 cities around the world. Other benefits include: 

• Complimentary gourmet coffee & tea

 • Free high speed Internet access 

• Free guest access 

• 10% off all Meeting Room and day office bookings

• Reservations are not required when you visit a business lounge. 

Drop in and do

Tbilisi Freedom Square is the latest addition to our network. Get Businessworld membership, and get    instant access to business lounges.  Wherever you are. Whenever you need.

Level 4, Tabidze 1, 2 Leonidze str.

Tbilisi, PO Box 0105, Georgia  

T  +995 32 290 039

M +995 577 222 744


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