The initial objective of the project is to create a new, comfortable and affordable living space in Tbilisi.
For this purpose, the Company has chosen a quiet and green area, close to the city center, with developed infrastructure units and flexible public transportation.

About The Apartment

Abrisi-Dighomi is a 16-storey,151-apartment residential home with the first floor of 755m2 commercial space. 14 Floor of the project has already been completed. Penthouse type living apartments on the 16th floor are arranged with terraces. Each apartment provides a special feeling of space when looked over, which is due to the rational layout, flexible planning, as well as green surroundings all around the building and the spacious views of the city.
The modern architectural appearance of the apartment is achieved through the glass and metal balcony façade. The householders will be transferred the ownership of flats under the conditions of a white carcass.

Project will be completed in October 2019.


  • Power generator

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