23-story multifunctional complex Archi Tower is located at 37 Chavchavadze Avenue, near the Holy Trinity church. The total area of the building is 35,000m2. Three underground levels are allocated for parking, a shopping center is located on first and second floors  and residential apartments will be located on the third floor and above.

At present, the construction of three underground levels allocated for parking have been completed. The construction of residential areas is currently underway.

Archi Tower is constructed with high quality German made Ytong blocks. Ytong was named as Brand of the Century in 2013 due to its high quality and composition.

In comparison to standard common blocks Ytong blocks  have 7 times less termal conductivity (Heat Transfer Coefficient  - 0.012 W/m²·K). With 1.5 times more solidity, they weigh half of the weight common blocks. Walls that are built with such blocks retain the room temperature for a longer period of time, thus reducing by 40% the amount of energy needed for heating or cooling.  For more information about Ytong please visit : www.xella.com , www.ytong.de

The 7000m2 shopping center houses a supermarket "Smart", fast food place "Wendy's" and the world’s famous brand shops. The spa and fitness center and the swimming pool will also be located in the complex, intended for the use of Archi Tower residents.  

The Archi Tower shopping center is open from April 2014; respectively the supermarket and other facilities of the shopping center are functioning. It is planned to complete the construction of the residential apartments in November 2016.

The cost of the project is 30 million US dollars. The complex is being built with high quality construction material and complies with international standards set for commercial properties.


  • Parking
  • Power generator