Modern architecture, innovative technology, functional diversity, and a new lifestyle define the new project that heralds a new dawn in the neighborhood and Tbilisi in general.

Advantages of the project

  • Incredibly big terraces
  • Fully renovated apartments
  • Location

AXIS continues to introduce innovations in Georgia, engaging large European brands, and creating products bringing about radical changes in Georgian development.  We offer our customers a new experience that is destined to bring about change in demand and set new standards in Georgia.

Fully renovated apartments

Everybody who purchases an apartment in Chavchavadze 49, will get complete interior design. Wide variety of European materials is presented in Axis Interior Works (Al. Kazbegi 24) showroom of interior design and reconstruction. Our designers will offer you effective planning of your apartment and help you to choose materials for interior works.

Axis leaves planning of the apartment to your discretion, so that the apartment will be exclusive and meet all your requirements.

We take care of the concept of your home and will try to make the process of interior works enjoyable and comfortable.


AXIS at 49 Chavchavadze is located on Chavchavadze Avenue, near the Vake Park and the turn leading up to the Turtle Lake.  Along with its conifer garden, the environmental friendliness of this place is also ensured by fresh air carried by the wind into the city precisely from this side.

AXIS plans to maintain and develop the surrounding natural recreation zone.  In addition, the company will widen the nearby road and yield additional 1,500 square meters to the city.


The project consists of four blocks, two of which are skyscrapers.  Despite its impressive dimensions, the building looks delicate and elegant, thanks to tall stained glass elements and a glass façade.

AXIS at 49 Chavchacadze is distinguished by refined, neat, and modern landmark architecture.


Enormous roofed porches covering up to 60 square meters are found in almost every apartment.  The AXIS VERANDAS are poised to become the coziest places in the households where families can enjoy free time all year round.

 Innovative Technologies

AXIS makes a difference in construction, ushers in new standards of Georgian development, and introduces leading European brands, such as Saint-Gobain and Wicona, in Georgia.

The building is equipped with full thermal insulation, on all four sides. special low-emission Four Seasons glass is installed, ultimately maintains the temperature three times as effectively as regular materials.


AXIS creates a comfortable environment where you may enjoy care.  Our services include:

  • Concierge
  • Janitor services
  • Security guard
  • Illumination
  • Elevator

 For additional services, our residents can use our exclusive package.

Detailed Info about deadlines and more:

Tower Block


Min Area

Max Area

Min Price

Max Price


Autumn 2016

43,10+11,40 sq.m.

104,90+22,30 sq.m.




Spring 2017

39,80+8,70 sq.m.

299,50+51,10 sq.m.




Winter 2017

46,30 sq.m.

183,70+88,50 sq.m.





  • Efficiency
  • Parking
  • Power generator
  • Maintenance