The primary mission of the AXIS in Didube residential complex is to promote high standards and service excellence in this district.  A peaceful and quiet environment, along with modern architecture and innovative technology, provides customers with an exemplary and affordable product.


AXIS in Didube is located at 10 Kedia Street, only 150 meters from Tsereteli Avenue, which nonetheless suffices to stave off the hubbub and noise so characteristic of this street.  Covering a total of 73,800 square meters, this complex will trigger the creation of infrastructure that will benefit not only the complex residents, but the surrounding territories as well.


Thanks to the building’s modern lines and texture matching that of the neighborhood, the overall complex architecture perfectly harmonizes with its surroundings.

The building is clad with stone and brick.  Its wooden shutters and balconies

impart warmth to every apartment.  Rehau manufactured doors and windows are used for the complex.


AXIS strives to provide you with comfort to the fullest extent.  Our services include:

  • Concierge 
  • Janitor services
  • Security guard
  • Illumination
  • Elevator

For additional services, our residents can use our exclusive package.


The second block has been completed.

The first block will be completed in October 2016

The fourth block construction will begin in Autumn 2016


  • Parking