It is an innovative building with its unique location, modern architecture, and high technology, where everything has been designed to ensure comfort.  It only makes sense that the building’s close proximity to the Horse Race Track provides a vast recreation zone to enjoy.

Advantages of the project

  • big terraces
  • complete interior design
  • Location

Fully renovated apartments

Everybody who purchases an apartment in Ipodromi 3, will get complete interior design. Wide variety of European materials is presented in Axis Interior Works (Al. Kazbegi 24) showroom of interior design and reconstruction. Our designers will offer you effective planning of your apartment and help you to choose materials for interior works.

Axis leaves planning of the apartment to your discretion, so that the apartment will be exclusive and meet all your requirements.

We take care of the concept of your home and will try to make the process of interior works enjoyable and comfortable.


The building is located at 13 Tamarashvili Street, near the new Vake and Saburtalo Connector, ensuring easy and fast access to this neighborhood.  This house is unique thanks to its roominess and surrounding views so uncharacteristic of the densely populated Saburtalo District and Hippodrome park.


Glass balconies, enormous stained glass elements, and huge terraces ensure a maximum amount of sunlight in the apartments.

In terms of its artistic and expressive design, this building resembles a statue, this impression being intensified due to the building’s white cladding.  Its lines differ not only from those peculiar of the city in general, but also from other architectural examples built by AXIS.

The façade itself is clad with stone, using the new ventilated façade technology that increases the lightness, durability, and thermal insulation of the structure.


The former Horse Race Track premises and the adjacent park constitute a natural recreation zone around the complex and have huge potential for growth.  Walking trails and bike ways may be built here, so that even in the heart of the city residents may escape from urban hubbub, relax, and rest.

Entrance Hall

Similar to other AXIS sites, this building is equipped with a large modern entrance hall where you and your guests will be greeted and served by the concierge on duty.


AXIS creates a comfortable environment where you may enjoy care.  Our services include:

  • Concierge
  • Janitor services
  • Security guard
  • Illumination
  • Elevator

For additional services, our residents can use our exclusive package.

Deadlines and more

The construction of the third tower will end in Autumn 2017

Min Area - 49,2+12,8  sq.m.

Max Area - 178,8 +22 +138,1 sq.m.

Min Price - $1060

Max Price - $1114


  • Efficiency
  • Parking
  • Power generator
  • Maintenance