Dirsi - it is a "mini-city" with social and engineering infrastructure objects: kindergartens, schools, shopping mall, sports recreational facilities, a medical center, developed yards, children's playgrounds, etc. Dirsi - is the largest residential complex in Georgia, including 20 buildings, 39 blocks and 4898 apartments with complete renovation.

European-style residential district, in a calm and secure environment, only 10 minutes away from Freedom Square. 

The complex, which is designed for you and your family, for a safe, secure and pleasant life, stands out with:

  •  Most solid buildings in Tbilisi;
  •  A unique concept, which implies full consumer infrastructure;
  •  Affordable prices and flexible payment terms;
  •  High energy efficiency, which reduces energy costs up to 25%


Each block, despite a flat condition, has individual:

  • Central backup water supply system (20-40 tons of water backup system for each individual unit)
  • Central, duplicated hydrophore system (in case of low water pressure, it will be supplied to the residents through hydrophores)
  • Duplicated Central Electricity System (backup system is activated automatically in case of damage)


Throughout the Dirsi area there are:

  • Tennis, volleyball, football and basketball courts
  • Courtyards and children's playgrounds
  • 4 hectares of green and recreational areas. In the completed project, there will be a total of 20 hectares of green and recreational areas
  • Functioning kindergarten: "English world in Dirsi"
  • After the completion of the project there will be a shopping center, restaurants, cafes, various types of sports and entertainment centers, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other facilities that are necessary for the city

Residential complex completed phase consists of 11 buildings and apartments from 2690. Boulevard accommodates 2402 sq.m. commercial space.

The apartments range is from 30 sq.m up to 279.94 sq.m.

Dirsi offer a wide range of flat condition:

  •  Completely renovated
  •  White Frame +
  •  White Frame


In the apartment you will have:

  • High quality Italian lifts;
  • Granite lined entrance;
  • Iron entrance door;
  • Exterior doors and windows with double glass-package;
  • Individual heating system

The biggest residential complex in Tbilisi.

Completed stage:

  •  11 blocks (100, 000 sq. M. Area)
  •  Full sports infrastructure
  •  kindergarten
  •  Yards
  •  Children’s playgrounds
  •  700 m. Boulevard

The second stage:

  •  One of the biggest shopping center in Tbilisi;
  •  Bridge from Ortachala;
  •  Additional infrastructure (hotel, hospital and so on).

The third stage:

  •  Modern, huge amusement park;
  •  3.5 km. The most beautiful boulevard;
  •  46 hectares of landscaped area.

Well-equipped infrastructure

  •  40% of the area is recreational;
  •  2670 planted trees (20%);
  •  3 playgrounds;
  •  3 children's playground;
  •  Elevators of the highest quality;
  •  Fire detectors in all apartments;
  •  Electric shock protection sensor;
  •  Electricity and water backup system;

Complex services include:

  •  24/365 Guard;
  •  Concierge service 24 hours a day at every entrance;
  •  Entrance, elevators and territory cleaning;
  •  Maintenance and development of planting area.

Mortgage loan terms:

  •  Annual interest rate: from 4.1%
  •  Minimum participation: from 5%
  •  Loan term: up to 15 years;
  •  Software: apartment to be purchased


  • Parking
  • Power generator
  • Maintenance