"Lisi Green Urban"  is a large ongoing development project of Green Development LTD, located near the Lisi Lake, on Avto Varazi Street  #42-107, near the recreational, environmentally friendly  area, on 25 hectares land.

The project have been started in September 2016 and is being implemented in three phases with the energy efficient, low-rise buildings (max. 5 floors)  of European standards.

The first Phase "Forest Valley Settlement"  including  five five-storey blocks (A, B, C, D, E)  and fifteen villa type houses, called Town Houses, have been already finished  and 70 percent of the residents have already moved and started living in their new  homes.

In the second phase of  development,  which is called "European Settlement", Lisi Green Urban is planning to build  twelve  five-storey blocks and one multi-functional building, from which, four blocks of "European Settlement", distinguished by its original architecture and aesthetics, will receive  first residents , In October of the current year. Recently, construction of 5-6 blocks has begun, where the apartments can be purchased from 43 sq.m.

Green Development, in the process  of  implementing  Lisi Green Urban project, along with flexible infrastructure, focuses on the green,  environmentally friendly atmosphere.

The goal of the company is not only to create a modern style residential complex with sophisticated architecture, but also to establish a healthy lifestyle in Georgia. The project offers not only comfort, excellent quality and service, but also a peaceful, natural and healthy exterior. Also, special attention is paid to the quality of building materials, their energy-efficiency and environmental properties.


  • Efficiency
  • Parking
  • Maintenance

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